Loves Lost and Hopeless Romantics!

So today’s randomness is on the topic of Lost Love and Hopeless Romance.  So strange as it may seem I am a hopeless and incurable romantic…which leads me to my pondering thoughts….so if you have the time pull up a stool pour your favorite drink and lets begin shall we?

Lets start with some ideas and then try to flesh em all out!  Don’t hesitate to through you ideas in the mix might be we can pull something good out of this mess.

1.  I still think I’m in love the first girl I ever fell in love with ….(it wasn’t lust I can assure you….)  HI JENNIFER!!!

2.  I love my wife very much!  HI LYSSA!

3.  Is there a difference between being “in love” versus “loving” some one?  How do you describe it,  are their universal cross cultural date points?

4.  I think if i ran into the one I ran away from in college I would fall to pieces!  HI HEIDI!!!!

5.  I LIKE the out of control feelings that being in love gives.

6.  I LIKE the stability of loving someone!

7.  I would like to have both…is that possible?

8.  Is infatuation part of this whole mix?  What is infatuation? How do you describe it?

So lets start with Mama Mia!  Why?!  it is only the greatest movie ever made!…SO for me I can so relate to the complexity of loving 3 different men for completely different reasons!  (well not the men per se,  but you get the drift! =)    hee hee!)   Each one could serve the purpose or meet a particular need but what she really really wanted was that deep soul crushing satisfaction of being with “THE ONE”  or maybe having nothing at all…

Me?  I kinda feel the same way…which of course makes no logical sense whatsoever….but in affairs of the heart logic is a rarity anyways…I am torn between Duty, responsibility,  rightness,  and the underlying desire to do what I damn well want even to my own destruction!  (which may in fact explain why I am horribly attracted to Bellatrix LaStrange in the Harry Potter series!)

So even now this post meanders between logic and emotion…My heart screams and yells to be satisfied and damn the torpedoes and my mind says “hell no you jackass,  you have responsibilities!”   What is your take on this?

My hope would be to find both in one place (namely my wife) and that of course begs the question that housewives have been asking since the very first hook-up somewhere in ancient Africa..”why don’t I feel like the first time he bonked me on the head with a club and dragged me screaming into his cave?”

Which of course begs the question of why do I as a MAN feel this way?  I cannot even discuss this with other dudes, it  precludes the whole code of “man-ness“…sigh…maybe im a woman in a man’s body!  

Nah that’s not it…just somehow feel very strongly that we are made to love and be loved and deeply and passionately at that!  I am convinced that I must continue to break the walls around me until I reach that point…if it takes my entire life to do so, I don’t think I will stop!  DUM SPIRO SPERO!!!

In the mean time I will thoroughly enjoy the vicious  longing for something within me to be satisfied and taste again what I once tasted before…and cannot seem to find now!

To that end enjoy my new music video that goes with it!  I will post it down below!

Passionately Yours,

-Beauty for Ashes

Luxe little Desk and Chair

So we made this luxe little desk and chair for a child,  its a custom set designed and fabricated in house as a donation to the Cheers for Children holiday ball.  The party is the annual fund raising event that helps provide services for children that have been abused or experienced emotional and sexual trama.  The desk is made of walnut veneer with a lacquer finish, the chair is blown fiberglass with a gel-coat and then a lacquer finish.  This desk and chair are placqued with designers signature and numbered one of one!  The desk top is made of a product from LG Hi-Macs which is a translucent solid surface with concealed led lighting strip!  Killer cool!

Hope you like!

Still testing this baby out!

There is nothing to read here yet as I am working out the kinks but stay posted!

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